Bctek offers its customers a range of services to guarantee the conditions for reliable and high quality transmission of voice, data and audiovisual contents. We offer co-location services, in our infrastructure allowing mobile carriers to install their telecommunications and wireless radio broadcast equipment there.

This infrastructure, located strategically to offer maximum coverage, is designed to adapt to different technological needs (broadband, point-to-point connections or mobile communications), in both urban and rural settings, providing a service with a high level of quality, availability and network stability thanks to appropriate climate control, assisted power supply systems and automatic alarm detection systems.

Colocation Services

The co-location service comprises the provision of access to a power supply, security and conditioning of the infrastructure for the installation of client equipment, and operation and maintenance services with regard to broadcast control.

Core Services

Power management

Power Management

BCTek’s hybrid power systems provide dependable power for remote and off-grid installations while minimizing the run time of diesel generators. Typically, our hybrid systems comprise a DC generator, one solar solution, coupled with a battery bank and system controller to deliver 48VDC to the site load and backhaul equipment.

CCTV camera in the city with copy space


BCTek provides proven remote monitoring systems supported by innovative O&M processes that enables our field staff to actively monitor site security and control access to the site.

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Our cleaning and management program for telecommunications centres includes specialized protocols and practices for:

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