About Us

We focus on telecommunications & Civil Engineering Infrastructures.

About Us

BCTek Engineering Limited is an independent Tower operator registered in Nigeria with focus in providing telecommunication infrastructure to the Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) and other wireless services providers.  Our business model is to build, acquire or lease cellular site towers that support multiple MNO’s as tenants. All our towers have been designed to host multiple tenants thereby extinguishing the need for Operators to build their individual towers. We charge a monthly fee for hosting the operators on our towers and in turn offer an end to end management of the passive tower ecosystem that guarantees over 99.5% uptime. Our offerings on shared infrastructure includes: Power management, Security, Managed Services – Fiber to cellular sites, Janitorial and Security Services. Our business employs over 40 personnel directly, and supports over 30 contract employees who are engaged in the maintenance of Active, passive and optic fiber components of tower network.

BCTek is supported by significant investments from venture capitalists. BCTek employs direct and indirect professionals to deliver hi-tech transactional managed services and colocation to reduce OPEX and CAPEX. Our approach enables operators convert their capital expenditure to a fixed and predictable operational expenditure allowing them to divert precious capital towards core activities.

In 2013 we started our operation with a leased portfolio of about 700 towers to become the fourth largest infraco company in Nigeria and in 2019, we repositioned to rebuild our footprint through suit build strategy and exiting out of the 700 site lease arrangement. BCTek is enabling communication and internet penetration for millions of people in Nigeria.

Our Core Values

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If our company is to thrive and grow, we need the trust of our customers, investors, employees, the communities in which we work, and at a wider level the societies of which we are a part of The ecosystem in which we operate must trust BCTek to deliver on its promise to customers.

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The underlying philosophy of our company is that there should be no gap between what we say and what we do.



Our professional reputation and therefore our future as a business, depends on each of us (our employees), everywhere, every day, taking personal responsibility to continuously do what is right to grow the business and improve shareholders return.

Business Model

Our strategy on business excellence is hinged on site availability and consistently maintaining over 99.5% uptime performance.

We have collaborated with energy companies to deploy granular telemetry sensors that have the capability to monitor real-time energy behaviors of passive network elements. With the options of Mobile connectivity, the unified, real-time behavior of the entire operations can be captured. With this investment and deployment across our tower sites, BCTek delivers accurate performance benchmarking, helping make real-time business decisions on faults before they happen; determine which sites are consuming more energy and why, expose equipment faults and deliver energy/production ration that is most accurate for the business.

In our colocation site, operators will have accurate information of what each equipment consumes in KW/Hrand and the relevant charges billed for the equipment. This a big deal, that takes away confusion from the amorphous billing that currently exists.

Our Strategy

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